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In 2023, Momentum Truck Group is celebrating 60 years in business and 45 years as a Freightliner dealer. In the six decades since Harold Anderson began the company as a trailer parts business at our location off Highway 10, we’ve experienced continuous growth that would not be possible without the trust and support of our team members, customers and partners. As we celebrate these landmark anniversaries with our company and community, we’re reflecting on some of the milestones, people and values that have shaped us into the industry leader we are today.

Becoming Central Minnesota’s Premier Truck Dealer

From the very beginning, Momentum’s leadership envisioned a self-sustaining business anchored by transparency, quality and outstanding service. Choosing the right truck manufacturer with which to partner was vital to our success, and we are honored to be a part of the Daimler Trucks North America group as a Freightliner and Western Star dealer.

In Dec. 1977, we became one of the first Freightliner dealers in the Midwest. At the time, Freightliner was consistently on the cutting edge of the industry and poised to grow, which continues to this day. As a Freightliner and Western Star dealer, we can offer our customers the best of both the on-highway and vocational market segments. When a customer talks to us about what their needs are, we are uniquely equipped to guide them to the best truck for their application.

Becoming a franchised Freightliner dealer was a momentous change for us as a company, and in the 45 years since, this partnership has been a driving force in moving our company forward and motivating continuous improvement of our customer experience. Ensuring that we live up to Daimler Trucks North America’s high expectations of us as a dealer has not been an easy thing, but it has been absolutely crucial. Daimler is dedicated to bringing the best possible product to the market, and we strive to match those superior standards by investing in our employee training and customer experience initiatives. These elements are all branches of a deep-rooted tree, one that is integral to who we are—and who we will continue to be as we move into our next 60 years.

The Staff-Success Connection

Looking back on our history as a company, it’s clear that our people have contributed hugely to our growth. We recognize that our team members are a part—an extremely significant part—of our success, and it’s important to us that each employee can see that. We do that by celebrating the daily successes of our staff so they know that we appreciate them, and we are structured to continue their success through our extensive investment in training.

Training is the backbone of our company, and it’s especially important to the continued success of our technicians. While we have training initiatives across all our departments, our technicians are our largest group of employees, so a lot of our focus is on product knowledge training to support efficient, effective repairs. We look at the skills of every new employee that comes on board and develop a plan to build upon those skills, which will be accomplished through training.

Our dedication to training represents a huge investment for us, but it’s absolutely necessary—both because we are a dealer with a responsibility to be fluent in these products, and because it’s the right thing to do to train our employees to the highest degree possible.

Our Customers, Our Commitment

Speaking of the right thing to do: Treating our customers with the respect they deserve has been a core value of our business since Day One. The same enthusiasm and investment we put into training our employees can also be found in the way we guide customers through the sales and service processes.

When customers come to us, they have a need. In most cases, those needs are immediate. They need to get back on the road as quickly as possible, or need clear communication of expectations so they can manage their loads and their workforce. We understand these needs, so we try our best to make them feel in control of the process, their products and their services. We’re committed to providing that elite, high-level of customer service and support. After six decades of experience listening to our clients and upgrading our service accordingly, we’re proud to say that the Momentum customer experience is better than ever—and will only continue to improve moving forward.

Family & The Future

Finally, we’d like to say “thank you” to everyone who has helped make our family business what it is today. When we say we’re a “family business,” we mean it in more ways than one. A family started this company, but our employees, customers and partners are our family, too. And in the Momentum family, we take care of one another: We choose the best partners to provide our customers the best quality products and service. We work hard to recruit and retain the best employees to bring us to the next level and better serve our customers. Everything that we do at Momentum is driven by our desire to provide the best possible experience we can.

As we look forward to many more years doing this important work, we’re proud to know that the stability and longevity of our business is a testament to the past six decades. We have 60 years of strength behind us to take us into the future, and we’re committed to making the next 60 years our best yet.