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Extended Warranty

The Best Extended Truck Warranty: Momentum Truck Group

Extend your peace of mind with Momentum Truck Group’s extended truck warranties.

Once your standard manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’ll need added protection against unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions. Our experienced team offers customizable and exclusive options for added protection beyond standard warranties – we have the best extended truck warranties on the market.

Why You Need An Extended Warranty For Your Truck

  • Prolonged protection: Increase your coverage beyond the standard warranty, guarding against repair costs for longer.
  • Shield from surprises: Avoid unexpected repair expenses due to mechanical failures.
  • Hassle-free repairs: A quick and easy claims process swiftly gets you back on track.
  • Transferable coverage: Boost resale value by transferring coverage to a new owner, with cancellation options for added flexibility.

Our Warranty Options Include:

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Extended OPTIMUM

This is the best extended truck warranty for used vehicles, with engine-only options, chassis-only options, and standalone coverages. A bundle warranty offers the most comprehensive coverage, including the Ultimate Engine, Basic Chassis, and ATS coverages.

Detroit Extended Next

Intended for fleets and owner-operators currently covered by Detroit Extended Coverage plans, this warranty has three coverage options ranging from basic to comprehensive. Build your own plan and pay a price that fits your particular needs – upgrade, downgrade, and keep your current level of coverage provided by your existing EW1, EW2, EW3, or EW4 extended service coverage plan.

Truck Master Warranty

Created for heavy and medium duty trucks, this warranty has options ranging from a 12-month engine-only coverage to a 48-month engine, ACP, and EATs coverage. Add on transmission and rear axle, auxiliary power unit, climate plus package, and downtime and towing coverages.

Premium 2000 ULTIMATE

This truck warranty is exclusive to Freightliner trucks and has different periods, ranging from 12 months to 48 months. Each package includes unlimited engine, critical components, and after-treatment coverage.

Premium 2000 Supreme

This truck warranty’s packages range from 12 to 36 months, covering engine, critical components, and after-treatment with no repair limits.

Premium 2000 Elite

This truck warranty covers vocational vehicles. Its packages range from 12 to 36 months and cover the engine, critical components, and aftertreatment with specific limits.

Premium 2000+ ELITE MD—Gas

Designed for gas trucks, these packages range from 12 to 36 months and cover the engine, critical components, and after-treatment with slightly lower coverages than the Premium 2000 Elite.

Premium 2000+ ELITE MD—Diesel

This package is meant for diesel vehicles used for commercial purposes. It covers the engine, critical components, and after-treatment with slightly lower coverages than the Premium 2000 Elite. Packages range from 12 to 36 months.

Premium 2000 Elite—Wholesale

This warranty covers the engine, critical components, and after-treatment and is available for 3- and 6-month terms.

Cost and Pricing

Whether you’re looking for short-term protection or long-term security, we have a plan to suit your budget. Our coverage options are customizable to meet your needs, starting at just $979 for a comprehensive 3-month plan. As your coverage needs extend, so do our options, with plans available for up to 4 years at $13,150. Don’t let unexpected repairs drain your wallet—invest in our extended warranty options today and drive with confidence tomorrow.

After your standard warranty ends with the manufacturer, the extended warranty for your truck begins and can be used on any make or model!

Standard Warranty:


Provided by the manufacturer.


Typically covers defects in materials and quality.


Lasts for a limited period, ranging from one to three years.


Generally included in the purchase price of the product.

Extended Warranty:

Begins after the standard warranty expires.

Offered by third-party companies and not limited to the manufacturer.

Can cover additional components or services not included in the standard warranty.

Typically extends the coverage period beyond the standard warranty, often up to several years.

Could include options for customization and added features depending on the provider.

Usually requires an additional cost separate from the purchase price of the product.

May have its own terms, conditions, and limitations distinct from the standard warranty.

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This is not a contract or extended warranty. While our extended warranty policies are designed to offer additional coverage for your truck, they do not guarantee immunity from all potential issues or damages. Availability and coverage may vary based on factors such as the make and model of the truck and your location. Review the full terms and conditions of our extended warranty policies before purchasing. We reserve the right to modify or update these terms and conditions without prior notice.